Going Full-Time? Why You Shouldn’t Obsess Over Planning


Doug casually inquired about our travel plans yesterday. Something like, Hey E, what’s the plan?,  referring to our upcoming re-launch for full-time travel in our new van. Which is coming soon. Like in one week.

I shrugged and my mind went elsewhere. Which is an enormous departure from when we hit the road full time last September.

I began planning every tiny detail for our launch a full year before we launched. It was necessary- selling your home and all your belongings, quitting your job, getting your rig set up and livable takes some serious thought and preparation. I had it all worked out, down to our route for the year and the very campgrounds we would stay in, where we would boondock, all associated nearby towns, mountain bike trails, restaurants, etc. I literally had information in a tabbed file folder, divided by state (ummm, nerd).

What really happened was this: we hit the road and experienced FREEDOM. I use all caps because its so monumental you’re knocked senseless. Going straight from the daily grind to an endless open road is difficult to describe. You will only know what I’m speaking of if you do it (and btw, you should).

All my geeked-out planning was for naught. We derailed almost immediately. We met other full time travelers and ended up hanging together for weeks as we moved around. Planning had become causal afterthoughts over evening beers and dinners.  We checked weather apps and went where the sun was shining, or to the town we just read about with the new brewery.

We didn’t really care where we went or what we did. Just being free to choose was enough.

So yes, we hit the road again in a week or so. Its taken a lot of work to sell our Airstream and NV and get the van the way we want it and our Toyota towable.

But as to the actual plan? There isn’t one.



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  1. I love this post and the contrast from the beginning. I found your blog when we were just starting out and the planning seemed exhaustive /exhausting and got us a bit nervous! We are now only planned through Thursday 🙂 but I’m jealous of your new smaller set up!

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