March Update

IMG_6796I’ve been neglecting the blog, and I apologize. I will try to be better. 🙂

So where are we and where have we been??

After spending about 6 weeks in Arizona, we shot over to southern California and stayed briefly in Laguna. Its difficult to get camping spots pretty much anywhere in SoCal, so we couldn’t stay long. But long enough to eat delicious fresh fish, drink lots of beer, meet an old friend for drinks (he ditched St Louis 6 years ago and hasn’t looked back), hang out on the beach, and do some mountain biking. IMG_6670

From there we went over to Valencia (northeast LA county) and hit Six Flags Magic Mountain. Nothing exciting and the park kinda sucked. No competition with Cedar Point, our fav.

Then over to Malibu Creek, which was beautiful!! But not dog friendly which sucked. I ran into Kourtney Kardashian while she was filming for her reality show in a grocery store. Honestly I didn’t know who she was (she was really short and looked fairly ordinary). We did more hiking, mountain biking, and generally ignored the no dog thing and Redd had a blast. IMG_6755

From there, up north to Solvang, which is in Santa Barbara County wine country. Holy wineries. 100 boutique wineries in a handful of square miles. Such beautiful landscapes, and a great place to ride your bike and drink wine. We had LOTS of fun there! The hiking was outstanding. IMG_6866

Now we are in San Luis Obispo. We spent about 5 days in a regional park and have moved over to a friend’s property for some mooch-docking. Bob and Peg and friends of a friend from St. Louis, and frankly two of the coolest kids on the block. They are 60, newly retired, hip, and have the most beautiful home. Ridiculously picturesque….

For now I continue to post daily on Instagram and Doug posts daily on Facebook.