The Detour

So how did we decide to take an epic detour from our current comfortable predictable standard lives? The main reason was to break the monotony of routine and do something different. But is goes deeper than that.

There is validity in the tiny house movement. Its not just a bunch of hipsters with a message, live simply, etc etc. Most american houses are expensive and BIG. We lived in a 2600 sqft house with 4 bedrooms, a 3 car garage, and no kids. For two people. And it was filled with things! Things I loved when I bought them, things we hadn’t used in 10 years, just…..things. At some point in life you recognize that all these things you own are actually owning you. Cliche, but so true.

So we decided to sell it all and travel the US full time. We got rid of our house and sold our stuff. I quit my job. We moved into a 200 sqft Airstream and hit the road in September of 2015. Home is now where we park it. 🙂

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