Wasatch Crest Trail, UT

Our most favorite trail ever. Stay within a few miles of Main Street in Park City so you can walk to town at night.

Here are a few ways to reach the Wasatch Crest:

1) Ride up from the bottom of Park Ctiy Mountain Resort, via Armstrong and Pinecone trails. Bring your legs and lungs.

2) Hop on the purple bus from the main station up to Empire Pass and hop off. Pedal up to the top of Gaurdsman Pass for 4 miles. Or ride mid-mountain to pinecone. Bring your legs and lungs.

3) Ride up Mill Creek from Salt Lake City. We haven’t done this because we always stay in PC.

4) Call Dennis (Double D) 801-860-3741 and he’ll pick you up, rack your bike on his homemade bike rack (your bike will be fine, not a scratch) and will take you up to the top of Gaurdsman Pass- van seats six and is $30. If its just you its $30. If he picks up a bunch of folks its $5. From there you ride Scott’s Bypass (fantastic warm up) and then climb Puke Hill. Bring ALL your legs and lungs. This is our preferred option.

Then RIDE the Wasatch and start drooling. Don’t ride the spine, walk it. Unless you are really crazy and don’t mind if you break your femur.

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