Why We Sold Our Airstream

Why we would sell our beloved and spacious Airstream and awesome gear hauler for this tiny van has left some of our friends and followers scratching their heads. Frankly, we’re still scratching ours too but there is method to our madness.

So to explain, I’ll go back to the beginning.

Our vision when we decided to go full time was spending dreamy days out in the boondocks, off-grid, powered by the sun, composting our waste, riding our mountain bikes ’til we dropped, drinking locally brewed coffees and beers while chatting over gourmet meals with newfound friends.

After some time on the road, we learned reality is a little different. Sure we can go off grid and sit in the middle of nowhere, but nowhere isn’t anywhere close to hip restaurants, beers, coffees, friends, and top notch mountain bike trails. If we want it ALL, (and to clarify, we do), we just can’t be 54′ long.

We spent an amazing year loving life on the road, loving our airstream and all the places we went. We did meet great people who have become true friends, and we did drink lots of freshly brewed coffee and beers. We rode our bikes as much as possible. And while none of it came without challenges, immense planning, roadblocks, pitfalls, and tribulations, positives outweighed negatives.

But we realized we wanted to be more mobile. We grew tired of the planning it took to travel from point A-B, using several apps to check traffic, satellite images to check parking lots, websites to check where to camp for the night. We felt limited by how big we were. We moved a lot, and didn’t see that aspect of our travel habits changing.

We knew to be more mobile meant going smaller and simplifying our gear set up. We have conceded to carrying 5 bicycles, not 7 (don’t roll your eyes!) We are leaving the motorcycle behind. We aren’t hauling the stand up paddle boards. We are dumping more clothing and shoes. We will be towing our SUV which will carry most of our gear. We can unhook and drive separately through the mountain passes, or if roads are slick with snow. Or if we want to access tight city streets or unique restaurants or breweries. We can park in standard parking lots.

We are making some sacrifices, that’s for sure. You can’t beat how comfortable it is to live in an off grid airstream travel trailer. But as we’ve learned, its not what you live inside, its having access to what’s outside.

2 thoughts on “Why We Sold Our Airstream

  1. What model is the new rig? We are headed to the RV show tomorrow in St. Louis and I’ll be interested to see if they have what replaced your Airstream. Love your posts!

    • Hi Kristy! I obviously need to check this page more. 🙂 We bought an Airstream Interstate Grand Tour EXT. Hope all is well for you guys!

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